Youth Action International’s country office in Liberia has begun the process of recruiting more than 3,500 young men and women to benefit from the organizations largest training and economic empowerment initiative called the Liberian Youth Empowerment Program.  At least half of the places have already been filled by young people from the poorest communities in Liberia’s capital Monrovia.  The remaining 1,750 spots will benefit the youths in two rural counties where Youth Action International will be setting up programs for the first time.


Through the program, Youth Action International will open three new Centers for Women’s Empowerment.  Each center will train several hundred women in vocational training, life skills.    The women will also benefit from YAI’s specially designed empowerment curriculum that includes counseling, workshops on small business enterprise, marketing, adult literacy and month long apprenticeships.  At the end of each program, the women will be formed into cooperatives and will receive micro-credit loans to start new businesses.


Other young people will benefit from a component of the initiative which will work with youth in the poorest communities to develop community cooperatives and village savings schemes that will help community youth either start new businesses or improve on existing economic sustainability initiatives.    Taking advantage of this expansion to rural Liberia, YAI will also offer its workshops on
entrepreneurship, village savings loan schemes and small business enterprise to hundreds of other community members.


The new program is funded by several of YAI’s committed partners including the Alabaster Foundation, The Burt Family Foundation, and the Manifest Foundation with a generous commitment from Chevron.