President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf appoints Kimmie Weeks to Chair board for Liberia’s water corporation.

The newly appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) Dr. Kimmie Weeks says he welcomes and humbly accepts his new post. Dr. Weeks says he is honored that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf selected him for this major role in government and noted that he would invest much time and energy into ensuring that he executed his job with the outmost professionalism and dedication.

Kimmie Weeks says a role with the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation gives him yet another opportunity to contribute immensely to his long history of humanitarian work and activism. He observed: “access to safe and clean drinking water is one of the most basic of human rights. Being a part of the team at LWSC gives me an opportunity to share in a vision to ensure that every Liberian has access to this basic and fundamental right.” Weeks says he will work diligently with the rest of the Board of Directors and with the entities Managing Director to ensure that LWSC becomes one of the most highly ranked performing agency. “If there is an award for best state owned enterprise, we want to earn it,” Weeks said.

Kimmie Weeks also commended President Sirleaf for again putting her words into action by appointing several young Liberians to key government positions. “This is an incredible time for Liberia when we see so many young people being recognized and placed not simply based on favoritism, but because of their qualifications, track record, and potential to excel.” Kimmie Weeks says he joins the board of the LWSC ready to work hard as a representative of the masses of young Liberians eager to prove their abilities. “I’m sure if all the young people who have been appointed work hard and prove themselves it will open doors for appointment of more young people in positions of power and influence,” Weeks concluded.

At age 30, Kimmie Weeks becomes with one the youngest Liberians to serve as Chairman of the Board for a state owned enterprise. He attributes his success to hard work and diligence. He recalls, “my family was never wealthy. I grew up poor in Paynesville and had to struggle to go to school. If I can make it this far is a clear indication to all young Liberians that they can strive to be even greater.” Kimmie Weeks has already had a distinguished nationally and internationally recognized career. He has served on the Board of Directors of several national and international organizations, is currently a member of the World Economic Forums Global Agenda Council. He also currently serves as Executive Director of Youth Action International and as Chief Corporate Communications Strategist for Cellcom.