YAI conducts training for school teachers

Monrovia, Liberia: The US based organization called Youth Action International (YAI) has commenced its teacher training initiative called the Liberia Early Childhood Practiced-based Accelerated Teacher Training program (LECAPT). The program is intended the train a total of 400 pre-primary teachers in Montserrado on child development, classroom management, curriculum and assessment. The second in a series of training workshops took place on Saturday, August 25th at the Love International School in Sinkor and brought together close to 200 teachers.

Youth Action International has been implementing LECAPT in Liberian schools for the third year running. In 2009, the program was introduced to a small group of about 20 schools. Each of the schools received some training and materials for their students. Since 2010, YAI widened the reach of its program to benefit more than 400 teachers in 75 schools. This year, the program is providing educational materials for the teachers and close to 24,000 students.

Madam Helena Carter serves as Project Officer for LECAPT noted that the program was transformative for both students and teachers alike. Carter, who continues ongoing training and support with each of the schools observed: “when you visit the schools you can see the positive changes. The students have materials to work with, the teachers have things to give their children, and the children can take the things they learn and take back home for their parents see.” Carter says the LECAPT program is intended to make learning fun for Liberian children.

For his part, Executive Director Kimmie Weeks said that it was his organizations goal to make sure that every Liberian child had access to the program before they reached the first grade. “We are creating a new age in Liberia. It’s a new point when everybody has access to well trained teachers and the best materials.”

Youth Action International is an international organization working in post war African countries including Liberia, Sierra Leone and Uganda. The organization has a mission to provide education, health care and economic empowerment to children and young people.