Fundraising Guide

There are innumerable ways that you can take action to aid suffering children and foster social change. Here are just a few suggestions:


Setting up a fundraising campaign to benefit Youth Action International is the quickest and easiest way to raise money. You can organize to collect money in your dinning hall/lunch room, community stores, and a host of other areas where people generally converge.

Areas to fundraise for:

  • Playgrounds in Liberia: Each playground costs $8,000 to complete. Your group may choose to fundraise and fully fund the reconstruction of a playground or sponsor a part of the cost of rebuilding.
  • Center for Women in Sierra Leone: This is our largest project and will cost at least $40,000 to complete. We encourage groups to fundraise towards supporting specific needs. For example, fundraise to furnish a classroom, pay a teacher’s salary for one year, orpurchase a generator or the fuel to run it.
  • Scholarships: YAI is providing scholarships to girls affected by war in West Africa. Your group might choose to support the cost of providing scholarships to one or more girls. Full tuition, books, transportation, and stipend for each girl runs around $100 per year.

A Helpful Hint: Creating signs and leaflets about what you are fundraising for is the key to success. Please let us know if you’d like us to help you create a publicity campaign.

Organize a Toy Collection

One of the ideas that came out of the CISV conference was the idea of doing community toy collections. This program would probably require extensive organization and would be better implemented in high population areas. We also encourage groups seeking to do this to ensure that they can collect enough items to fill a cargo container.

A Helpful Hint: This project might work best if it can be coordinated with multiple CISV chapters and schools. It also would help to engage your local college or university. YAI will also work closely with groups to ship containers, meet it on arrival, and arrange for waiver of government taxes in Liberia.

Make A Donation – Purchase the YAI Video

A great way to empower people in your community to become involved and passionate about the work YAI is doing, and what you are fundraising for, is to make a donation and receive a copy of the 20-minute YAI video. The video highlights the plight of the world’s children and outlines how we are working to alleviate the problems that these suffering children face.

Host a Mini-Fundraising Party

A great way to fundraise for YAI is to host what we call a mini-fundraising party. The host of the party basically brings together 30 or more of their friends for a dinner. Kimmie usually attends each of these dinners and makes a presentation on YAI and its work. Once inspired, house guests are then asked to make a donation to support YAI’s work around the world.

A Helpful Hint: These fundraising dinners are generally fun to organize. We’ll also help you prepare materials such as invitations, and guide you through the process of hosting a successful dinner.

Invite Kimmie to Speak

Finally, inviting Kimmie to speak at an event in your community can be used as a fundraising tool. Money can be raised by either charging a small fee, asking people to make a donation at the end of the speech, or in the cases of colleges and universities, providing Kimmie an honorarium earmarked for project implementation.

We hope that these suggestions will be useful. Please contact us if you should have questions, or are interested in working on one of these fundraisers.