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YAI Early Childhood  Development Program

Childhood Development

Target group – ages 0-12: Programs within this category focus on positive early childhood development through the provision of basic individual and school-related necessities; homework assistance and support; as well as the creation of safe, structured environments for play and learning. This area also advocates for the protection and wellbeing of children.

Specific program activities include:

  • After-school programming including homework assistance and support;
  • Teacher training- building local capacity to educate community
  • School & Library construction – to enhance education systems and provide opportunities for children to read.
  • LECAPT – helping children and youth participants build basic spelling and grammar skills;
  • Fresh Start Initiative- providing aid and subsidies for orphaned and abandoned children and youth
  • Early Financial Literacy programs – provides workshops to prepare young people to start saving, budgeting, and managing money wisely.


Youth Development/ Empowerment

Target group – ages 13-35: Within this category, YAI focuses on promoting the well-being and empowerment of war affected, former child soldiers, and economically disadvantaged youth in the poorest communities. Youth participants are particularly high-risk and in critical need of interventions that assist them in recovery and filling social, behavioral, educational, and other developmental gaps resulting from extended periods of civil unrest.

Specific program activities include:

  • YAI Workforce and Small Business Development Initiative – includes vocational and job training and placement, as well as income generating, business training, micro-finance, and e-commerce opportunities (also includes a focus on youth with disabilities)
  • Youth Forums for Community Engagement Initiative
  • Arts and Recreation Initiative – Promotes youth musicians, organizes local concerts and events, sports leagues and other interactive programs for youth
  • Agriculture and Farming Initiative – targets youth in rural areas and encourages a return to agriculture as a solid source for employment and food security.
  • Scholarship Initiative – targets academically motivated/inclined youth, provides access to quality education in top local universities provides on-going support to ensure completion and success for recipients. Also provides access to social and academic enrichment opportunities via internships and extensive workshop series focused on life skills, emotional intelligence, cultural appreciation and awareness, community building and service learning.

Success ‘Opportunity Meets Preparation’ Program for Women

Target Group – ages 13-35: This program area focuses on supporting the needs and development of women affected by war and girls at risk of sexual exploitation or domestic violence. It focuses on equipping and preparing young girls and women with information and opportunities that can allow for self-sufficiency and independence, and lessens the possibility of sexual exploitation and violence against them due to their social and economic circumstances.

Specific program activities include:

  • Women’s Small Business Development Initiative – a derivative of the Workforce and Small Business Development Initiative with workshops and training sessions geared specifically for this segment.
  • Center for Women’s Empowerment – A specially designed program that provides vocational training, counseling to women from some of the poorest communities in Liberia and Sierra Leone.
  • Micro-credit loan – Will grant loans and startup kits to help women take the skills gained from the Small Business Development Initiative and start successful businesses.

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