Thanks for your interest in hosting a fundraiser for YAI. Fundraisers are a great way to raise awareness and support for the work we are doing in West Africa.   There are many kinds of fundraising events that you can host. The most popular and easy to organize fundraiser is an informal and informative ‘house party.’  House parties are one of our most important sources of funding for our work.  Besides house parties, there are also other fundraising ideas highlighted below. 

Please fill up the form below and we will be in touch to provide you information on how to host a house party, answering questions you may have and finalizing a date that works for everyone.

If you’d like to get your community and friends to learn about and support YAI, you could set up a fundraising event. Once we receive the form from you, we will contact you and send a packet of information that will help guide you through the process.  


House parties are a simple but yet effective way to fundraise for YAI.   Hosts invite up to 20 of their friends, family or colleagues to attend the houes party where they can learn more about YAI and also make donations to the organization’s work. 

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Young people at high schools and colleges in the United States and Europe can support YAI’s work by starting a campus chapter.  Chapters are campus based group organized by students to raise awareness and support for YAI’s work

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Still not sure or need other ideas?  We have put together a list of various traditional and nontraditional fundraising ideas that you can organize to raise awareness and support for YAI.   You may also contact us if you have an idea that is not listed here.

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