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Kimmie Weeks was left for dead at age 9...

“Great survivors were molded from Liberia’s bloody war that ended just six years ago.  Among the violence and tragedy, new leaders emerged, including youth activist Kimmie Weeks”  -CNN 

Kimmie Weeks is an internationally acclaimed Liberian activist and humanitarian.   When he was nine years when the Liberian civil war begun.  During the war he and his mom became refugees.   Suffering from cholera and starvation, Kimmie was eventually left for dead on a pile of decaying bodies. 

At age 14 he started to work for peace and the rights of children.  By age 17, he was forced to flee Liberia because of his work against the use of child soldiers.   Dressed as a traditional dancer, he found his way to neighboring Ivory Coast and eventually to the United States where he was granted political asylum. 

Kimmie continues his work through Youth Action International to impact the lives of thousands of people in post war African countries.   He also has become a farmer and is working to provide sustainable food security for Africa. 

“Kimmie Weeks is a powerful motivational speaker who brings a human face to the ravages of war.    He tells of his experiences during the Liberian civil war and captivates his audiences with the story of human suffering and the resilience to overcome.”

-Northfield Mount Hermon School

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