Liberia: Youth Action International to Provide COVID-19 Food Relief for Teachers

The Executive Director of Youth Action International Dr. Kimmie Weeks has announced that the organization is increasing its relief food packages to include teachers.   Over the last several weeks, the organization has been engaged in a series of Covid-19 awareness and relief activities.

Dr. Weeks announced the organizations Covid-19 activities was being rolled out in several phases. He highlighted that in Phase I the organization had worked with several community-based groups to execute awareness and sensitization campaigns in communities and on air.   “We wanted to make sure the message was available using multiple mediums, so we had young people doing door to door awareness while at the same time utilizing mass media channels with jingles, comedy and music,” said Dr. Weeks.


He indicated that as part of its Phase II activities, the organization donated several hundred handwashing buckets with taps, Clorox, tie soap, masks and other non-medical supplies to various communities to help them be better prepared to combat the virus.

Weeks revealed that Phase III of the organizations programs includes distribution of emergency food packages to the elderly, people with disabilities and young people in extreme circumstances.  The organization will extend its phase III food distributions to hundreds of individual and households in the 17 districts of Montserrado.   “We are carrying out this program because we are aware that many families are affected by the ongoing lockdown and we wanted to be able to provide a bit of relief.”

Weeks stated that Phase IV of the organizations Covid-19 program would focus on providing small business support for young people in various categories to help them rebuild or start small businesses in post covid-19 Liberia.

The organization is running similar programs with its office in Sierra Leone.