Please help us feed 333 families during coronavirus lockdown

This week, the Presidents of Liberia and Sierra Leone declared a state of emergency and announced a 21 day lock down. The police and army are being mobilized to enforce the lock down. These steps are part of the governments effort to curb the spread of coronavirus as Liberia’s infected cases continue to steadily climb.
However, for most of the population who live on less then a dollar a day, a lock-down literally means a difficult choice between health or starvation. This is particularly dire for orphanages, the physically disabled, and the elderly.
This is why in addition to our ongoing awareness and sensitization campaign, w e are launching a new initiative to provide much needed food to 333 vulnerable households and individuals.
Each of the households will receive rice, oil, canned food, cereal and a small amount of cash to help them survive the emergency. We have set the cost for providing these emergency food packages for each family at $33.
I know that these are challenging times for all of us as for the first time everybody is feeling the pains whether we live in a rich nation or poor nation. This is why I am praying that God touches your heart that you will reach beyond your local community to touch the lives of children, the physically challenged and the disabled so that they don’t have to suffer an additional burden of being hungry while fearing this deadly disease.
Please, lets not wait until the images of the dead or dying start to make media rounds before we act. Let’s do so now to prevent needless suffering and pain.
Thanks as always for your support!
With love,