Computer labs


The high school computer lab project seeks to increase computer literacy and enhance learning outcomes amongst high school seniors in Liberia and Sierra Leone by establishing fully functional computer labs for target schools. Each computer lab is set up within the existing infrastructure of the school and includes up to ten computers, a projector, desk/chairs, whiteboard and is completely solar powered. YAI runs the lab collaboratively with the school for the first year to ensure familiarization with standards and systems before fully turning over to the school.  

The computer labs address several of the major hurdles preventing African youth from obtaining basic computer skills including lack of equipment, teachers, electricity, and affordability. 

We have developed a model to deliver computer labs to high schools at under $20,000 each including renovating the space, furnishing with desks and chairs, and installing computers, a projector and a white board. This also includes the cost of recruiting and training an instructor and operating the lab for a year. 

The overarching goal of the Transcend Project is to ensure that all graduating high school seniors are equipped with basic computer skills. By the end of 2023, our target is to: 

  • Equip eight schools with a fully solar powered computer lab. 
  • Recruit, train and place professional teachers in charge of each lab.
  • Ensure the school’s administration can sustain the lab long term.