YAI was founded in 2006 by internationally acclaimed activist Dr. Kimmie L. Weeks.  Weeks experienced Liberia’s brutal civil war as a child and after several life threating situations dedicated his life to ensuring that children and young people do not experience extreme suffering as he did.

Kimmie Weeks started working for change as a teenager and when he was seventeen years old, he was forced to flee Liberia because of his advocacy against the use of children as soldiers.   After being granted political asylum in the United States, Kimmie Weeks established YAI while he was a freshman at Amherst College.    

Kimmie Weeks has been honored for his work internationally.   His honors and awards include: the World’s Children’s Prize, The Time Warner Goodwill Game Medallion, The Golden Brick Award, The Nuclear Age Foundation Award, and The Nelson Mandela Peace Medal.  He is also recipient of one of Liberia’s highest civilian awards as Knight Grand Commander in the Humane Order of African Redemption.   He is the youngest recipient of this honor.

Every year, Kimmie Weeks embarks on a global speaking tour to motivate thousands of people around the world.   You can invite Kimmie Weeks to speak at your next event.