Kimmie Weeks

Executive Director, YAI



Kimmie Weeks is an internationally acclaimed Liberian activist and humanitarian.    He survived the Liberian war as a child and after nearly being buried alive in a refugee camp, he dedicated his life to making a difference for children and young people in Africa. 


At age seventeen, Kimmie Weeks was forced to flee Liberia and was granted political asylum in the United States as a result of his advocacy for the disarmament of child soldiers.   He started Youth Action International while a student at Amherst College in the United States.


Kimmie Weeks has received many honors and awards.   Notable among them are the Golden Brick Award, the World’s Children’s Prize, and one of Liberia’s highest civilian honors.


He received his undergraduate degree from Amherst College, a Masters from the University of Pennsylvania and a law degree from the University of Liberia. 


Alaxander Schultz

Investor & Entrepreneur

Xander is a humanitarian, investor and entrepreneur. His mission is to minimize suffering, maximize opportunity and increase universal love. He currently works as a VC and Entrepreneur in Residence at a family office.

Barbara Morgan


Barbara has over 35 years of experience in business management and small business accounting. She currently works with 15 small business clients providing bookkeeping/ accounting services in a range of fields including real estate management, wholesale distribution and many non profits. Past positions have included Director of Finance for the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut and Executive Director of ICEE.

Joseph Sgherza

CEO, Integrum

Joseph Sgherza is a CEO of Integrum Scientific, a Drug Stores & Pharmacies company founded in 2018. Based in Greensboro, United States, he previously worked in executive level positions at ICON and Chiltern.

Katryn Birky

Co-Founder, Because Capital

Kathryn Birky is a co-founder of Because Capital, an investment firm built around digitization, automation and sustainability within supply chains. Prior roles in West Africa include managing a veterinary hospital for working animals and research on West African manatees for her graduate work at Brown.

Nikolina Ionova

Director, Deutsche Bank

Nikolina has been a supporter of YAI and its mission for more than 15 years. She works in finance and is currently based in London, UK.

Richard Langseth

Retired Data Architect

Richard has worked with the US government to build systems for for field use in military, healthcare, and educational settings for tribal governments. He developed a cost-saving pharmacy benefit management system which is currently used by many native American tribes in the United States.

Richelieu Allison

Executive Director, CSSD

Richelieu has worked in peace and development work across Africa for more than three decades. He started many organizations and currently serves as Executive Director for Africa's Center for Security Studies & Development (CSSD).

Sandi Young


Sandi Young has a history of philanthropy following her successful career in marketing for the Ralston Purina Company. From global missions with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, to educating students in several African countries, to medical and nutrition work rooted in Zimbabwe, Sandi’s focus is to give back.